HATTIETUDES: Acadamy Award Gowns

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I spent yesterday eagerly awaiting the salivating delights of watching the Oscars. Of all things to go wrong with my set, ABC wasn't working. Curiously, there was no problem with any other channel! I surfed a bunch of stations to get a glimpse of the gowns, but all that did was tease and frustrate me. So I turned off the malfunctioning set, feeling very deprived.

The next morning, I watched news programs that featured an array of the famous designer offerings. Apart from the matronly dress unflatteringly covering an unexpectedly chubby “Divine Miss M” almost all the gowns were luscious.

I got to thinking about what I would wear if I were on the Red Carpet. As it happened, last year I was at an event in which I walked the red carpet. It was the first annual “Image Distinction Awards” Black Tie Affair. As one of the few white guests, and the only non African-American to be an award presenter, I was thrilled.

My elegant silk steel gray charmeuse gown flowed gracefully as I glided down the runway. Were I a part of the Oscar celebration, it might even have caught the eye of the fashion police. Fantasizing further, I imagined being asked about this stunning gown. Here would have been my answer:

“ It's a FADO that I bought at DAFFYS for $49.” I recall trying it on in the small cubicle, imagining that one day I would wear it at an important event... and I did! But $49? and DAFFYS? Let's face it – Bargains simply don't cut it in the fashion world, no matter how beautiful they are. The display of multithousand dollar gowns and multimillion dollar jewelry is what draws audiences even more than the artists that are receiving awards. Such is the American culture scene.

The artistry of the performers and filmmakers will live on to enrich our lives for decades to come. The jewelry will be returned to their Fifth and Madison Avenue shops...and the gowns? Who knows.

On some level this opulent display is a gift to us... the rapt, admiring audience. Taken another way, it is an irresponsible, narcissistic diversion from the confounding issues of life on Earth.