SOHO POLITICS: McManus Democratic Club Annual St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

On St. Patrick’s Day, at TGIF Friday’s off Vanderbilt Avenue (47 East 42nd Street), the McManus breakfast will be held this year.

Aside from Jim McManus, head of the McManus Midtown Democratic Club, and his Chief of Staff Sing, you never know who you might meet. THIS is the year to make the trip. Last year, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Ray Kelly, Mike Bloomberg, among others, appeared to pay respects. This year, with Hilary starting to make her move and along with Bill, you never know who may stop in.

Jim has a long history at the organization, following in the footsteps of his father and others. The club dates to 1892, survived Tammany Hall and Boss Carmine DeSapio who was finally deposed by Lanigan of V.I.D. DeSapio’s fall took place AFTER he had retired from politics. But, as he confided to Jim, “They had to take me down. I was too powerful.” DeSapio had the Tamawa Club in Greenwich Village and was the only one of several city-wide members of Tammany.

The McManus Club survived by some good old-fashioned hard work—supporting the community, finding jobs for constituents, supporting the Arts in the form of theaters, and helping residents keep their rent-regulated apartments and affordable housing. The roots of the club were never abandoned despite changes in the local population and the negative effects of gentrification. Downtown needs to follow plan and save the rent-stabilized apartments and lofts! While many clubs have lost their power and relevance, McManus stands out as a pillar of the community that has based its strength upon what it has done to help its people.

Stop by on St. Patrick’s Day and say hello to Jim and make a donation to a worthy cause. And, you might meet a few of the cognoscenti of politics as well as a few very important people. While Jim was under the weather, he’s now doing very well.

Look for Mayor DeBlasio and Commissioner Bratton to stop in. The Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may be in town (a former NY State Senator of Jim’s district whom he supported) and a good name to remember for Governor in four years. And, of course, who knows if Bill or Hillary may make an appearance? Even Cy Vance may drop in to say hello.

The food’s not bad either.

Say hello to Jim and send our warm regards. At 8am sharp! Don’t forget.

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