"The Ultimate Science Street Fair" at Washington Square Park

Games, performances, interactive experiments, and the great outdoors combine for a full-day science extravaganza. Installations and activities from more than 50 organizations will focus on our three themes: space, weather, and robots. There’s so much to explore: cutting-edge science experiments on the International Space Station, Mars rovers, extreme weather simulations, and robots that might someday live in your house, to name a few! There will also be science celebrities on hand, so you can learn from the pros – and snag a photo. Aspiring scientists of all ages can find entertainment both inside the buildings and outside at performances and demonstrations. Start planning your day by looking through the list of activities – and check back often to see what has been added!

The Ultimate Science Street Fair
Sunday, June 1, 10:00am to 6:00pm
Washington Square Park Washington Square