While the Pelosi imbroglio over torture and accusations against the CIA has receded somewhat, even some liberals are taking something of a distancing, and speculative look at the fact that these guys (the suspected terrorists) who were interrogated were not our friends, to say the least. When James Bond asked Goldfinger what he expected him to do, he charmingly laughed, "I expect you to die Mr. Bond.”  That IS what the enemy-combatants expect and want from us, as well.  Make no mistake about that.

Not to lessen the deadly seriousness of the covert business, there is a more creative side to those warriors whose medals are even awarded in secret. The fact that there is this Ivy League inspired cloak and dagger history beginning with Truman’s directive to the Dulles brothers games under Eisenhower, and all the way from Wild Bill Donovan to the current Director, Leon Panetta—only adds to the dangerous mystery of an Arts and Letters history – which gets little coverage.  There are many books about the dirty tricks and haphazard success of this secretive government agency, but little is available about the other talents of its officers.  

Suffice it to say that one source explained that fact that there are many more excellent writers than painters who are current and/or former Intelligence Officers; but that, as distinct from the FBI (who are primarily law enforcement personnel), CIA officers have a history of appreciation and experience in the creative arts.

 It was a bit of a surprise to learn that there is a body of art, which is a noteworthy collection of talented artists. Paul Gimigliano, Press Director for the CIA was unable to respond by press time but we are hoping to be able to show our readers some approved artwork in the future. Writing samples may be more of a problem.

NOTE: For those of you who would like to make a contribution to the families of the CIA officers who were recently killed in Afghanistan, contributions can be made to The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation at 703–638–5378  or at the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.



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