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There has been much hand wringing over a few “Matters-SoHo” lately. Among these are the difficulties that have arisen over the BID proposed on Broadway that threatens to bring even more tourists to the area, to the consternation of many residents. Councilmember Margaret Chin has finally shown her hand and has come out in support of the BID, something suspected but not known for certain as much waffling had been reported.

Now that Hoylman has won the State Senate race, the hard part begins. What will his initiative do about the critical issues facing SoHo? Will affordable housing be preserved? WIll the abusive and retaliative landlord attacks on rent-stabilization and rent-control (with the assistance of the courts), be investigated and prosecuted? Will the remaining guerilla art, such as the Bob Bolles sculptures in “Sunflower Park”—which should be renamed “Bob Bolles Park”—be returned from Randall’s Island preserved?

For those of you who have an involvement in the dangerous game of politics, it may be of interest to know who’s telling the truth these days, and, whether the articles we read are fact or disinformation, emanating directly out of governmental PR departments. No genuine journalist would ever rely on such sources for the truth. Many of the mainstream media writers will eat their own for sales, as well as take orders from their masters—corporate, financial and political masters. Thompson called them “pimps.”

Among the most prolific writers who have earned the respect of the Intelligence Community is Nigel West. In this entertaining address at the Raleigh Spy Conference, which is a yearly convocation between the public with a desire to know and professionals who only function on a "need to know" basis, the writer describes some interesting realities.

Those of you who have an involvement in the dangerous game of politics, it may be of interest to know who’s telling the truth these days, and, whether the articles we read are real or imagined disinformation, emanating directly out of a governmental PR department. No genuine journalist would ever rely on such a source for the truth. As publisher of the SoHo Journal, through personal experience, take it from me that it is possible to become a political target for simply writing about the truth

Striving to empower those around her, Yetta's long history of activism includes community based initiatives, as well as work through both judicial and legislative channels to advocate for civil rights, education, arts and culture, affordable housing, employment rights and health care issues.

This week a huge billboard which had been erected along the BQE toppled over and landed upon one side of the highway. Fortunately, no one was injured. It was one among hundreds of such constructions which exist solely for the purposes of displaying advertising along the roadway where hundreds of thousands of motorists and their passengers view them every day.

The money arrived from investment banks via “warehouse lines” which didn’t care about anything except getting back paperwork for closed loans. Dead or alive. The borrowers were irrelevant.

Looking toward the City Council seat that currently encompasses the western portion of SoHo, the contenders thus far are Yetta Kurland, Brad Hoylman, Corey Johnson and possibly Andrew Berman.  Kurland is a vociferous activist whose primary issue has been the St.Vincent's Hospital closure and the Rudin development which currently does not include a hospital but, does include an Emergency Care facility that many believe is unsatisfactory for the several communities that depended on that hospital.

Since the SoHo Journal has published numerous articles and posts supporting the difficult work by our men and women in the Intelligence community, the Huffington Post has published a request for direct support. In the spirit of the holiday season, it is an appropriate time to say thanks for their dedication and sacrifices— especially, to the families of fallen heroes.