Content posted by D. Clark Macpherson

The levels of political power in SoHo, for the uninitiated, rest with elected politicians. Margaret Chin is the City Council member – having unseated Alan Gerson. And, in the Western section of SoHo, Speaker Quinn is the designated City Council representative covering the area from Thompson Street to the Hudson River as well as Hell's Kitchen. SoHo's boundaries arguably run as far West as Hudson Street, depending upon whose view you rely upon.

The professional pundits are already busy picking the next horse for Mayor. Among the favorites (at least in terms of frequency of media mention) are Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Bill DeBlasio, Ray Kelly and in the back of the pack, Scott Stringer. And, here's my reasoning, since it's anything BUT scientific, prescient, or even that reliable.

There are many facets of what is occurring in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Events are moving quickly. Whether you are outraged by the failure of the government to prosecute bankers over the economic destruction, outraged by the destruction of American jobs by corporations, or, angry about predatory student loans which are financially burying our young people, the treatment of the protesters is of paramount concern to all of us. Their actions represent one of our core Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution: Freedom of Assembly.

There are a growing number of vacant storefronts in SoHo, primarily restaurants that have failed.The complaints from most of them are that there are zero governmental attempts (in other words, local politicians) that have attempted to help small businesses. 

Many articles have been written about Occupy Wall Street, and the strife which appears to rear its ugly head as General Assemblies and Working Groups seem to be at odds with each other. Much has been said about the squabbling and what appears to be the inability to generate identifiable leaders. That will come. The process seems to be one of moving forward with a breath of hope and a sigh of relief, that anything, anything, is moving toward, forward, in the direction of reconfiguring what has become a society that has become mired down in corruption.

There was a palpable sense of energy tonight at the park. It was as if something was about to happen. There was an anticipation and excitement in the air. The celebrities present lent to that feeling.In several parts of the square at Zucotti, there were chants being conducted. One appeared to be a sort of karmic exercise on the Church Street side near the old American Stock Exchange where there were a few hundred people.

Surprisingly, there were few police and many sleeping bags at Zucotti Park today. The mood was upbeat and while not spotless the park seemed relatively clean. There were organized "booths" for various aspects of "Occupy Wall Street" in the middle of the park and many sleeping bag locations.

As a result of the corruption, the robo-signing scandal (phony signatures and notaries by banks) and the verified forging of documents which forced people out of their homes;

While Ray Kelly is planning to run for Mayor, unless Mike Bloomberg decides to pull a Vladimir Putin and change jobs with Christine Quinn for the next term— what clearly seems to be out of style is looking for the real bad guys. Crooks and complicit politicians like Angelo Mozillo, Jamie Dimon, Ken Lewis, Timothy Giethner, Helicopter Ben Bernanke or Henry Paulson. All collaborated to “save the economy” while lining their own and/or, their friends (and former employers) pockets.

Personally, it is no great surprise that the media distorts reality. It occurs in numerous publications. The Villager, Downtown Express, have their own agenda, Newsday caters to law enforcement in Suffolk County and the Hamptons (indictment were avoided by making nice after the circulation scandal), the NY Post (Murdoch has his own problems), and the Daily News prefers some politicians over others. Hunter Thompson is a favorite because he hated all media, thought they were all whores, and distrusted journalists even though he was among the best of them