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Many women complain when they see older men going out with girls young enough to be their daughters. They resent that so many successful men choose to shed their wives after long marriages and find themselves a trophy wife or “arm candy” girlfriend. I’m actually okay with what these guys are doing. Anyhow, considering the age of my guys, complaining about them would be hypocritical.

None of us can escape being bombarded by advertisements touting the health benefits of products lining the shelves of countless stores. The buzzwords, “Natural” preceded by “All” and “100%' even “Organic” are RIDDLED WITH LIES! Companies are jumping on the bandwagon of increased health consciousness and cleverly wording their packaging to dupe you into believing their claims are true.

The City Winery, SoHo’s ‘in’ place for food and festivity is bringing old fashioned “freylach” every Sunday from 11:00-2:00. For those of you who aren't familiar with Klezmer, it's a rousing mix of Eastern European Jewry, Chassidic wedding music, and folk tunes aimed at transforming the struggles of life with the joy of music and dance.

That title is obviously about sex and aging. Yes, frequent, satisfying sex no matter how “old” you are! I should know. At 76, I have maintained my sexuality, despite society's disdain for the desirability of older people.

Who ever came up with the ridiculous rule to stop wearing white after Labor Day? Carried to it's stupid extremes... woe be it to the bride who marries after that venerable week-end.

Eggs have been getting a bad rap, particularly by drug companies that make statins. They want to frighten us into avoiding one of the best, and cheapest sources of protein, and brainwashing us with false information about the dangers of cholesterol.

Everyone is familiar with Antibiotics…but fewer people know about Probiotics. First, I’ll go into some definitions: ANTI means AGAINST. PRO means FOR.BIOTIC means LIFE. (As in the word, “Biology”)

Do you find that title intriguing? Frankly, the whole phenomenon of being publicized as an internationally-recognized Cougar is shocking for me. For years, no matter how hard I tried to appear on TV to share my life mission to transform aging, I couldn't make any headway.

CUTTING CALORIES HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT: Not all calories are created equal. Attention must be paid to how a food is cooked. Fried foods and foods filled with artificial ingredients may be low in calories, but since the body can't metabolize them properly, they can make, or keep you, fat. Check out my RetroAge” 4 Steps to a Younger YOU!” book to master the healthiest and most effective way to be fit and thin for life. It's available through Amazon.

Scientists have calculated that humans have between 70 and 100 trillion cells in our bodies. Although we often aren't mindful of what's going on inside us, we are becoming increasingly aware that something must be done to keep those cells clean and nourished... or else!