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US Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) today endorsed Richard Aborn for Manhattan District Attorney, touting Aborn’s progressive vision and record for the office.     

Have you been jonesing for Las Vegas, but stuck spending the summer in the seedy pits of desperation that is the Hamptons?  (That was sarcasm.)  Well anyway, you’re in luck. 

According to consumer advocate Remar Sutton, there are many ways to save energy and other resources around the home without spending a lot of money. And taking action sooner rather than later will lead to ongoing savings on utility bills, so a little cash outlay now will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Every week at the Quinn 2009 Campaign Headquarters, we will be calling  
women to urge them to support Chris. Each Wednesday there will be a  
special guest appearance by some of New York City's leading women, who  
will join us for a discussion about women and New York City politics  
and strategies for effective change.

Pete Gleason, a civil rights attorney running for City Council in the 1st Council District, applauded the Board of Elections’ removal of Alan J. Gerson from the ballot in this September’s Democratic Primary.

NEW YORK-Richard Aborn, candidate for Manhattan DA and a member of the NYS Bar Task Force on Wrongful Convictions, today rolled out an extensive policy platform to reduce wrongful convictions and ensure greater transparency in the criminal justice system.

New York Manhattan District Attorney Richard Aborn sent out this press release yesterday: 


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